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WARP medico-legal report creator is a seamless electronic process linking instructing parties with doctors. The link is secure and saves the doctor, medical agency, solicitor and insurer significant time and money.

WARP handles over 20,000 medico-legal reports each month

Over 600 GPs already using WARP MLR creator

No upfront cost, MRO Integration, and RTA3 compliant


WARP medico–legal report creator enables GPs to quickly and efficiently write high quality medico–legal reports.

The software guides the doctor to gather all the necessary information in a structured way and then checks the report for completeness, consistency and spelling before rendering it into a report which complies with the latest Ministry of Justice requirements.

As soon as it is complete, the report is electronically returned to the instructing party via a secure link.

With the agreement of all parties, WARP data can be electronically imported directly into the COA and Colossus claim valuation systems.

Claimants can pre–fill their history before they see the doctor via a user–friendly touch screen or online pre-medical questionnaire. This prepares the claimant for the medical and makes best use of the doctor’s time.

Solicitors have the option of receiving a suggested general damages figure alongside the report.

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Benefits to Solicitors and Insurers

Benefits to Doctors

Saves time on report writing

Saves Time on Administration

Saves Money


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For more information please contact us or call 020 3882 3300.


WARP actively works with a number of organisations to help integrate the MLR Creator into their business processes. Through our RESTful API you can create cases, track their progress and retrieve the medical reports as soon as they are available. This can significantly reduce the length of the customer journey. For more information please contact