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WARP handles over 20,000 medico-legal reports each month

Over 700 GPs have signed up to use WARP

WARP is the future of medico-legal

Frequently Asked Questions

A tool to help doctors produce quality medico-legal reports without need of dictation or a typist via a secure electronic link between agencies and medical experts.
  • All GP or soft tissue medico-legal cases
  • With or without medical records
  • It is not designed for Consultant-type complex or multiple trauma cases.
  • Medico-legal Agencies
  • Medical Experts
  • Solicitors
  • Insurers
GPs throughout the country are using WARP to handle their case load - thousands of reports are being submitted to agencies and solicitors each week. Several medico-legal agencies have licensed WARP and are rolling it out to their experts.

WARP is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is be able to use a mouse and a keyboard. Most information is entered by selecting from the simple context-sensitive options that WARP offers.

Most doctors feel comfortable with WARP after 10 cases and are expert after 30. Most administrators can learn to use WARP admin in about an hour.

WARP has a training mode that you can use to try the software free and without obligation.
  • Built on the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server
  • Security is provided by 128 bit SSL encryption (credit card standard)
  • A PC (not a Mac) running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7/8
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
  • A broadband internet connection
WARP is self-contained, and does not rely on any other software on your PC. (Doctors will find it useful to have acrobat reader installed so they can view saved medical reports in PDF format.) There are no known compatibility problems with any other software.
The process is straightforward. We will happily install WARP on your PC for you, but easy instructions will be provided if you prefer to D.I.Y.
No - we host and manage the server in a secure data centre.
WARP has passed the stringent IT security audit required by a major banking and insurance group, its security is provided by 128 bit SSL encryption (credit card standard).

The pricing structure depends on what kind of organisation you are, and the volume of cases you handle.

The cost for a medical expert is £3.50 per case plus VAT. (Includes training, support and upgrades.)

  • The doctor determines the prognosis using his clinical skill and experience
  • WARP ensures completeness and consistency in the report
  • WARP reports comply with the Civil Procedure Rules - they are addressed to the court, and contain a declaration of truth
  • Feedback from major solicitors and insurers shows that WARP reports are preferred for their consistency, structure and clarity
  • Hundreds of thousands of reports have been submitted to over 200 agencies and over 1200 solicitors
  • The doctor signs the report electronically
  • A multi-stage secure login procedure guarantees that only the doctor can write or alter the report - more secure than an ink signature
  • Electronic signatures have the same validity in law as ink signatures - more details
  • A handful of other medico-legal reporting programs do exist, but WARP is both by far the easiest to use, and the most capable
  • WARP is flexible enough to be used by every size of organisation from a single doctor to a large medico-legal agency
  • If you are a doctor new to medico-legal, WARP will help you learn the ropes very quickly
  • Doctors who use WARP are preferred by agencies and solicitors because of their high quality reports and rapid service
  • WARP data can be mined for management information and research
  • The Personal Injury market is competitive and fees are being driven down
  • The margin to be made on each case is reduced, and the longer a case takes, the more it costs
  • To retain business, agencies need to comply with challenging service level agreements
  • Electronic solutions can speed up communications and save on paper, postage, checking and handling costs
  • Faster service attracts more business
  • Quicker settlements make for satisfied claimants